Buy-Side Reprsentation

Buy-Side Representation

Searching for the perfect acquisition opportunity can prove to be frustrating even for the most experienced buyer. Oftentimes they only have access to a small number of businesses listed for sale. Most profitable successful businesses with growth potential remain listed in the “Hidden Market.” What this means to a buyer is that these hidden gems, that they would love to get their hands on, aren’t being advertised.

In the M&A world confidentiality is king.

The goal in selling a business successfully is for no one to know it’s happening, especially employees, customers and competitors. This is the reason so few profitable businesses are advertised on public websites.

iStock_000009054741_MediumBuy-side representation can be beneficial to you for a variety of reasons:

  • A seasoned M&A Advisor often has a private network of sellers who are ready and willing to sell if they have a qualified buyer.
  • A good Business Intermediary has a team who will work to uncover a business that meets your needs, which will be coming on the market in the near future, and present it to you first.
  • An M&A Advisor often works with clients who are selling off some of their portfolio of businesses to enter new markets.
  • A Business Intermediary can help you navigate through the due diligence and negotiate a better price.


Business buyers may be concerned with the cost of buy-side representation, but in the end, it provides a time saving, financial and intellectual advantage of extreme value.


If you would like to learn more about Buy-Side Representation contact us for a complimentary consultation to evaluate your specific needs.