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    • Glossary of Terms –

      Glossary of Terms –

      Terms that are commonly used to facilitate the transfer of business interests. Acquisition: One company taking over controlling interest in another company. Add-On Acquisition: a strategic acquisition fit for an existing platform/portfolio company. Adjusted Book Value: The value that results after one or more asset(s) or liability amounts are added, deleted, or changed from their respective financial […]Read More »
    • SBA is Resuming Loan Approvals

      SBA is Resuming Loan Approvals

        Small businesses are able to get loans backed by the federal government once again. July 2015 President Barack Obama signed into law a bill Tuesday raising the lending authority for the Small Business Administration’s biggest loan program, known as the 7(a) program. Loan approvals resumed after going on hold Thursday, when the SBA reached […]Read More »

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