Selling a Business

Selling Your Business
Is it time to sell? Selling your business is a major decision. Capstone understands that you have devoted your time, money, and energy into building and operating your business. It may well represent your life’s work. If you have decided the time is right to sell, or you are in need of more information to make the decision, we can help. Capstone Business Brokers operates on a “success fee” basis, which means there are no retainers or upfront charges to our clients. We are only paid by sellers at closing.


Jacksonville, Florida Office - BOA Tower

Jacksonville, Florida Office – Bank of America Tower

At Capstone Business Brokers, we know how to market businesses. Selling Businesses is what we do best. We value our clients and their reputations and we value our reputation too. We promise you that we can deliver the highest market price for your profitable business, utilizing the utmost in confidentiality to make it happen. Our M&A advisors have world-class marketing experience and can write business memorandums that showcase your company at its highest level to potential buyers.


We offer a complimentary consultation to analyze your business, listen to your goals and needs and provide you with an opinion of value. At this time we will get to know you and your business and answer any questions you may have about the selling process. We will share with you the strengths and weaknesses we find in our analysis to help you strengthen your exit strategy. We don’t accept all business listings, in fact, we are very selective in whom we choose to represent. What we can promise you is this, if for some reason your company is not a fit for our firm we will recommend a firm we think would be a great match for you and your company.
At any given time Capstone Business Brokers LLC has over 4,000 active registered buyers worldwide. We go to great lengths to ensure our buyers are not only financially qualified but also have business related experience so they can be successful in securing loans and growing their new business. We believe in successful closings where buyers flourish and sellers feel their life’s work has been financially rewarding.
Our team members all have owned and operated successful businesses. We are M&A experts in manufacturing, HVAC, technology, business services, distribution, healthcare, laboratories, automotive, landscaping, construction, plumbing and many other industries.

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Here’s a checklist of the items you should get together for our meeting to prepare the most accurate opinion of value:

  •  Three years’ profit and loss statements
  • Three years’ Federal Income Tax returns for the business
  •  List of fixtures and equipment
  •  The lease and lease-related documents
  •  A list of the loans against the business (amounts and payment schedule)
  •  Copies of any equipment leases
  •  A copy of the franchise agreement, if applicable
  •  An approximate amount of the inventory on hand, if applicable
  • Copy of customer contract