Buying a Business

Buying A Business

Business ownership is the American Dream. Starting a business comes very naturally for some, while for others, it can be an extremely intimidating and complicated task. Buying an existing business has many benefits. It can provide you with immediate income and remove many of the barriers to entry that seem daunting. Buying an existing business also has a proven track record of success within its geographical area.

Regardless of an individual’s background, a buyer should always enter the process as well prepared and educated as possible. Often this means enlisting the assistance of a professional business broker.


iStock_000002266662_Medium (1)To some degree, all prospective buyers need assistance in locating businesses and companies for sale. You may need assistance in gathering and evaluating information on these opportunities, structuring an attractive purchase offer and obtaining the financing necessary to buy the business. Our clients benefit from all the expertise and related experience an intermediary affords them from the initial investigation until the time of closing.


At Capstone Business Brokers LLC our advisors:

*Have access to thousands of listings of motivated sellers in the market today.

*Assist buyers in targeting potential areas of interest and uncovering the buyer’s business strengths and weaknesses.

*Present detailed memorandums on each of our listings.

*Have the experience and knowledge necessary to help evaluate and interpret information.

*Help arrange financing for your acquisition with some of the most respected lenders in the market today

* Assist you in license transfers and web site domain name transfers

*Guide you through the SBA lending process

*Are skilled in mediation to minimize and overcome any obstacles which may arise throughout the process

*Remain sensitive to confidentiality issues throughout the transaction.


If you are considering purchasing a business, speak with one of our Advisors. They can assist you in finding the right business for you and swiftly and successfully bring you to the American Dream of owning your own business!

Call us today for a free consultation or fill out our buyer registration form.